Frequently Asked Questions

How are my clothes washed?

Our laundry team organizes our customers clothes and washes only your clothes together not with any other customers clothes and after every wash we make sure to disinfect the machines before washing the next customers clothes.

How will I know when my laundry is ready?

We will text you when your laundry is ready along with a time proposal that would work for you.

What if I have sensitive skin to detergent?

If you have allergies to detergents select the sensitive skin option when booking your appointment and our team will use our sensitive skin detergent.

How will I know what my balance is?

When our driver arrives he will use a scale to weigh the laundry and give you an estimate of how much your laundry will cost

How fast will I get my clothes back?

If you have 1-2 bags of laundry it can be ready by the same or next day. If you have 3+ bags it may take an extra day or 2.

Do you mix customers laundry together?

No! Absolutely our laundry process is organized order by order returning back with your clothes folded and packed nicely.

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