A Residential Laundry Service Made in New York With FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY Saving You Time From Laundromats


Servicing Locations: Brooklyn & Queens

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Step 1

Book an appointment for laundry pick up

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Step 2

The Laundry Clique Driver will come pick up your clothes

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Step 3

Get notified when laundry is finished and ready to pay before delivery

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Step 4

Receive freshly clean clothes at your door step

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Customer Reviews

My favorite !!! He’s young and created a business for us busy working people . My items are always done with care . He has become more than my wash service he’s become a friend !!! I love ya D
8 months ago
Very prompt, professional and most important the clothes were fresh, clean and nicely folded. Highly recommend!
8 months ago
So simple and easy! My clothes were folded so nicely and everyone was so nice.
1 year ago
Wonderful service
1 year ago
Favorite laundry service! Reliable, quick and kind!
1 year ago
Chandler Mercer
Great prices, great service and really awesome laundry! You can’t go wrong with them. Best service in the city.
1 year ago
Incredibly fast, affordable, and professional service! By far the best pickup/delivery laundry service I have ever used. Thanks guys!!
1 year ago
My husband and I LOVE the laundry clique. They are always so professional and nice and same day pick up and drop off with great prices is unbeatable!
1 year ago
Great service, would recommend to everyone.
2 years ago
Such kind and accommodating service, and priced incredibly well! I have been dreading not having laundry in my building ever since I moved, but this takes it off my to-do list so I can focus on other things.
2 years ago
I would recommend this to everyone. I used this because I’m too busy to wash my clothes and don’t have time to wait in the laundromat. They even do same day pick up and delivery and clothes smelled real good, ion know what they use but I need some lol
2 years ago
Excellent Service, laundry was done well and arrived on time!
2 years ago
You guys did an excellent job with my laundry. Your customer service was more than what I expected, the young man was very professional.
2 years ago
Amazing service the clothes smells good and folded perfectly!
2 years ago

Why Trust The Laundry Clique?

Designed in 2016 we are one of the most affordable laundry services you can order from.

We are an eco-friendly laundry service that handles all wash and fold services in house nothing is EVER outsourced, all your valuables is safe with us. Due to Covid-19 after every wash we disinfect our machines so your clothes will never be washed after a previous customer.

Have a question about your order? You can reach out to our support team and expect replies instantly!

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How Much We Charge?


$1.50 / lb + FREE extra fabric softner, bleach, and FREE delivery on orders 25 lbs+

Our booking payment is $17.50 which covers the first 10 lbs of laundry + $2.50 service fee included. If laundry exceeds 10 lbs you will charged the remainder. We weigh laundry bags in front of our customers so they have an estimate of what price to pay before their laundry is delivered.

Happy Customer Responses

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Still Have Questions?

Our laundry team organizes our customers clothes and washes only your clothes together not with any other customers clothes and after every wash we make sure to disinfect the machines before washing the next customers clothes.

Once your laundry is pick up The Laundry Clique driver takes them to our facility where our laundry team checks in the clothes then handles the wash & fold process from there.

If you have allergies we have an option you can choose to make sure you clothes are washed with between bio or non-bio detergent