How The Laundry Clique Was Created

We hope our story inspires you!

The Laundry Clique was just a young entrepreneur's idea during his junior year in high school. Throughout his high school career he majored in software engineering and business. But before that the young entrepreneur's grades weren't always the best and it prevented him from being eligible to enroll in the dental hygenist major he studied so hard for. Having the feeling that his dream career has been ruined, it provoked him to stay home from school many days just to find his purpose in life. After endless web browsing he noticed topics about starting a business popped up often and decided to give it a try by starting his own clothing line but his parent disapproved to help. That only made the entrepreneur more hungry to keep searching until he stumbled across an ad that said "Learn to code and land a job in 3 months with a start salary of $70,000/yr". Clicking the link took him to an online school that he had to pay monthly for, taking advantage of the opportunity he would save his lunch money to pay for the course every month. A couple months later of having fun building out basic websites his guidance counselor called him in to speak about a new after school program he'll love. It was a free coding class to help students land a summer internship at big tech companies like Google, Etsy, American Express and more. From the first day of class the young entrepreneur flew through the work and impressed all the teachers in the class with his knowledge. Fast forward to the winter there was a Hackathon at Google his school was participating in to compete against 100 different schools through out New York. At the competition he helped bring his school in second place! Little did he know this was just the beginning of his career. That summer he recieved some bad news that he would have to go to summer school, which meant he would not be eligible for that summer internship. Once again it didn't discourage him, being proud he found his purpose in life and used it as motivation to start thinking more of ways he can leverage his skill. In the Spring of 2016 after hours of thinking about ideas for tech start ups the idea for creating an innovative way of doing laundry hit him. The young entrepreneur was so excited and ready to start but another obstacle was how complex designing and building the app would be also still being a high school student with no vehicle wouldn't work so at that point it was just vision. Fast forward to senior year in high school the entrepreneur decided to apply for a job at a local pharmacy to save up money for his start up. On the day of the interview the manager was very mean and the interview only lasted less than 5 minutes. As soon as he walked out the door he recieved an email saying he didn't get the job. Although this was a very upsetting moment being an entrepreneur this only made him think harder. That week he wrote down all of the skills he had and thought about his next move. Due to the big loss he took with the interview the entrepreneur decided to set a goal for himself to start a business before the age of 18 and to start making money from the business before graduating high school not knowing how that was going to happen a month and a half before his birthday. One day siting in history class his friend told him how he broke his phone and got it fixed the same weekend and showed him the business card. It was a phone repair business that comes to the customer and fixes the broken phone in the car and brings it back within 30 minutes. Looking at how easy the business was he told his friend lets do this. That night the entrepreneur started coding away, saving even more lunch money to set aside for phone parts, and within 4 weeks the website he built was ready to start taking orders. A month later the business was booming and made $400 in revenue, although it wasn't much he found it amazing to watch how putting aside $30 from lunch money was able to flip to $400 so fast within a month plus acheiving a goal he made a month ago. Fast forward a year later of graduating high school the entrepreneur was tried of his mother saying to get a job a decided to at least go for a job he would love which is in tech. He signed up for a coding bootcamp and met another entrepreneur that had a start up for helping people to get gig jobs to build their resume. Seeing how smart this man is and learning new things about the tech industry and business from him instead of applying for jobs after graduation the young entrepreneur decided to give business one more try.This time it was to build the company he always had in mind and that is The Laundry Clique! After long hours of of working on building out the website every day it was accomplished within 4 weeks. Next the entrepreneur was able to launch the company and buy his own facility where the laundry orders are fulfilled. Within 2 months of launch The Laundry Clique had over 200 happy customers and continuously growing at a fast rate providing a great professional laundry service that customers love that keeps them coming back!